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Academic Calendar, in accordance with the academic processes done at Graduate School. For the processes are not listed here please check  Gaziantep University Academic Calendar.

Application Deadlines

Applications can be made at any time of our Institute. Deadlines for each semester stated at the graduate application announcement.

Evaluation of Applications
Evaluation of applications completed within 10 days after the deadline of the applications and the results are announced.

All entries made ​​on the dates specified in Gaziantep University academic calendar.

Actually teaching courses

List of the actually opened courses and actual number of students taking the graduate courses, shall be reported to the administration of graduate school within four weeks after the end of the registration.

The quotas for following semester should be notified to the administration of Graduate School by the graduate school department or program administrators. This quota may be increased if needed outside of calendar.

Application dates for PhD Qualifying Exam

In the our graduate school  the doctoral qualifying exams to be done twice in a year: January and June. Graduate school administration should be notified for the students who receive PhD qualification exam at December and May by the head of the corresponding department.

Thesis monitoring  committee determination dates

For the students pass the PhD qualification exam, determined doctoral thesis monitoring committee  shall be reported to graduate school within one month.

Thesis proposal defense date

PhD students have successfully completed their qualifying exam at the latest within six months, will defense their thesis proposal (the research purpose, method and work plan) to the Committee. The student, will prepare a written report on the thesis proposal defense, and transmits at least fifteen days before the graduate school and distributes to committee members.

Thesis defense jury determination date

MSc and PhD thesis jury proposal should be submitted to the graduate school fifteen and thirty days before the thesis defense exam, respectively, by the head of the department.

Who are successful in defending his thesis, and students who meet all the conditions specified in the regulations; prepare final form of the thesis and submit a hardcover copy of the thesis to the graduate school within the one month.

Thesis duration extension requests

For the students who completed normal duration of the program, their advisors propose extension of the period and head of the department send it to graduate school at the latest demands of the student's extension of the period has expired until the last day of final exams are required to present of our graduate school.

Supervisor determination and thesis proposal

Performed at any time. However, the student advisor for the thesis can be enrolled in the period following the period of the assignment. Last three days before the date of registration until the thesis proposals from our Institute of EYK are also discussed. After the approvement of the thesis proposal student have to register the courses special topic/special studies.

Thesis delivery time

Students who are successful in thesis defense exam submit their theses, within a month with the supporting documents and theses in hardcover.

Dismissal of students

Within the maximum period of time specified in the Regulations; students who fail the proficiency exam or courses or not complete the thesis, within 1 month after the date their adaptation to be done in the frame work of the state of senate and  defined in the application guidelines.



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